For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction and, nowadays, a social media overreaction. Well, that’s exactly how the world operates these days. And if you don’t have your business on the internet, you are already trailing behind.

However, today a large number of businesses have already realized the importance and potential of digital marketing and have invested into it. And if you still haven’t done the same, it is time to pull up your socks and make the most of it.

Another essential element of digital marketing is to stay updated. So, it does not matter if you have already embraced the concept or have it on your bucket list. Due to the versatile ecosystem and constantly changing environment of the digital era, it is essential to stay updated.

So, without any further ado, let us uncover technologies that work as a catalyst to make a difference to the digital efforts carried out by businesses.

Here is a list of latest innovations and an elaborate list of digital marketing technologies that support the aspect of marketing and digital transformation.

1: Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Well, these terms aren’t Greek for anyone of us. However, a lot of us believe that trending technologies like these are not meant for my business, or at least the time to implement them is not now, maybe sometime later in the future.

However, it is time to get a reality check.

AI and Machine Learning, once operated as a promising technology with very little practical use, at least in the world of marketing. But since the terms have evolved from being a science fiction to a more practical usage, it has worked wonders in the genre of marketing, especially digital marketing.

Deployed by several businesses to segment audiences, track buying decisions, navigate through customer references, and much more, it makes a lot of sense to explore their potential for results.

While these technologies are quite at an early stage, we are already witnessing some pretty good examples that are making a difference. So be it self-driven cars or product suggestions on social media platforms, there is a lot that automation has to offer. And will continue to offer a range of developments such as voice and face recognition, digital assistants, chatbots, and highly targeted marketing strategies.

2: Email marketing and automation

This, again is an important function that organizations in the digital era will benefit from. Just like content marketing, automation and email marketing will help businesses work effectively toward both B2B and B2B marketing activities.

Well, we agree that the well-established organizations will gain a lot through the use of AI and other powerful tools, whereas other businesses are likely to benefit by improving the timings and relevance of emails with the help of automation.

3: Digital assistants

By now, we all know what an Alexa, Siri, and Google Assistant are capable of. However, this market is expected to double in the year 2020. Additionally, the integration of digital assistants with several productivity and business-based programs is a reality that will help businesses become more productive.

4: Chatbots

As AI is pacing up, chatbots are next on the list to be able to make real conversations, and essentially it will also boost the landscape for UX in a big way, especially for digital marketers. As they are expected to be more involved in these versatile tools for businesses as well as consumers.

In fact, chatbots are expected to be around in several industries across various platforms by 2020 and will be a normal metric to upgrade user experience.

5: Voice search

Another game-changer in the genre of digital marketing is “Voice Search.” Focused on SEO, if you want your business to rank well, voice search is expected to be an inevitable element in the near future.

A study states that over 40% of teenagers and adults are already using voice search, and this number is growing.

So, as a digital marketer, if you want your website to do well on search engines, we recommend you optimize it for voice search and experience a considerable difference.


Be it marketing or any other field staying up to date is an essential key to success. So, when we talk about digital marketing, it is important to stay up to speed with newer technologies, innovation, and marketing strategies that can make a difference.

Additionally, marketers need to have a clear vision about their goals and budget to be able to accommodate the right technology for better results.To know more about, you can download our latest whitepapers on Digital Marketing.