Accenture has acquired Wolox – an Argentinean cloud native and agile development company. The acquisition will foster the professional cloud ground in South America. However, the financial details of the deal haven’t come out of the box yet.

Wolox was founded in 2012, and it majorly deals in offering services such as digital business design, product creation, and agile squads.

Wolox will fit well with Accenture’s new business unit known as Cloud First. Accenture plans to invest about USD 3 billion up to three years continuously to help customers inculcate cloud within the system and digitize operations.

Accenture says it can grow its cloud revenue faster via software as a service, platform services, and by shifting customers to cloud infrastructure and applications with the investments and new avenues.

“The acquisition of Wolox brings differentiated skills to Accenture, as the team uniquely blends cloud native development with design and state-of-the-art technologies for business transformation,” said Karthik Narain, Lead for Accenture Cloud First. “Wolox has multidisciplinary teams of industry and business experts, UX/UI designers, software designers, architects and engineers and, together, we’re now more equipped to help clients tap into the technology expertise and human ingenuity that powers how Accenture innovates.”