In one of the latest partnership news in the cloud industry, IBM has got Juniper Networks for $325 million deal. Juniper is all set to assist IBM’s mission to cloud domination using its infrastructure. The seven-year agreement is all set to help the IBM to autonomously manage the cloud infrastructure with Watson combined with Juniper help desks. By utilizing the IBM services Juniper will also be able to create an Agile IT environment.

IBM is set in refurbishing the service platform with Watson as Artificial Intelligence capability along with human interaction. The goal of the partnership is to reduce the customer service delay, improve the efficiency and cost saving. IBM is also calling the partnership as a factory development concept and helping Juniper develop a cloud-native landscape.     

The partnership is also seen as another step wherein a major enterprise adding other features through partnerships and acquisition of smaller enterprises. Currently, Juniper is just outside the fortune 500 and the move will help add more cloud capabilities. Martin Jetter, SVP of IBM global technology said in a statement that “Cloud is an imperative technology for digital development but each enterprise have different requirements, so working with Juniper we are integrating the current cloud investments in customer service along with Watson.”

IBM has already begun the year with a strategic partnership with telecommunication giant Vodafone. The venture is focused on digital initiatives along with innovative technologies that include Virtual networking, edge computing, 5G, and Artificial Intelligence. It will also mean that Vodafone business customers will now have access to the IBM’s entire cloud portfolio.