On December 24, 2020, SK (South Korean) Telecom announced the launch of its 5G edge cloud service, called SKT 5GX Edge, embedded with Amazon Web Services (AWS) Wavelength in South Korea.

This service will allow customers to build ultra-low latency mobile apps in some of the sought-after fields such as machine learning, Internet of Things (IoT), streaming, and gaming.

With the use of the 5G edge cloud service, the apps will be able to bypass the Internet and regional websites and quickly reach SK Telecom’s data center. The SK Telecom said that the reduced step will create the space for the customers to enjoy the benefits of the 5G network’s low latency and bandwidth.

The South Korean Telecom added that the collaboration of AWS and SK Telecom was started in February to connect AWS Wavelength commercial services. Also, the working of AWS Wavelength commercial services have been tested with 20 customers. These tests were about applying 5G mobile edge computing for delivery app company Woowa Brothers’ autonomous delivery robot Dilly Drive.

The pair of companies are also in talks with real-time video communication firm Gooroomee to reduce the latency of online meetings. They together have gone-well in lowering the latency to below 100ms.