A provider of open-source software based on the Apache Kafka, Confluent enterprise has raised $125 million in the series D funding. The series D funding has raised the valuations of the enterprise close to $2.5 billion. The funding was led by Sequoia capital along with the participation of Index Venture and Benchmark. The recent list of invested enterprises includes Snowflake, Cloud data warehouse software provider and Cohesity, Data storage provider. Apache Kafka is an open source stream processing software platform was originally brought by the LinkedIn but donated to the Apache Software Foundation. The project was developed by the LinkedIn and Apache Kafka developers to providers a unified, responsive platform and with higher processing speed for handling the real-time data. The newly developed solution was the imperative platform for the streamlining the enterprise processes, many of the current major enterprises use to streamline process including the Walmart, The New York Times and eBay.

Confluent was founded in the year 2014 to provide the developers with an open source software based on the Apache Kafka, the revenue generating solution was the complete distribution of Kafka and earn clients through management and improving the usage.  However, over the past few months, Kafka has been a center of discussion after Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched Amazon managed stream for Kafka in the public preview. Confluent then responded two weeks later by announcing the license changes for the components of its platform. The users will still be able to download different codes, redistribute, and edit the code but can’t look over the cloud providers code used to build software as a service.

The founder of Confluent Kreps added that Most of the cloud providers differ in their approach of open source. Some of them offer the hosted version after the combination with the open source enterprises while some of them combine with open source and offer their own different feature.