AWS Amazons cloud computing arm launched Backup, a new tool that makes it easier for the developers to back-up their data. The data can be backed up from different sources of AWS services and on-premise apps. The back-up service has been named as Out-of-Box, the service is only available for the developers currently and can be used for the services such as EBS volumes, RDS Databases, EFS file system, Storage Gateway Volumes, and DynamoDB Tables. The backup service is planned for more type’s storage and the developer can use the AWS storage gateway.   

The backup service allows the enterprise to define their backup policy, retention period and also the ability to move the backup to the cold storage. By default, the data will be stored in an AWS S3 bucket. Backup automates the process of snapshots which is currently available in the for all the storage facilities except for the EFS file systems. The pricing of snapshot and backup are all being kept the same, a user has to pay per GB fee for restoring the data. The Backup is currently kept limited for certain AWS region but soon will be expanded to across the entire region.     

Bill Vass, AWS VP of Storage, Automation, and Management Service “Cloud has become default choice for the enterprises,  it has attracted two different types of enterprises that want to tweak the cloud service a bit and other that wants to fine tune all types of services in the desired architecture.” The early adopters of the functionality are State Street Corporation, Rackspace and Smile Brands, the number of enterprises are expected to rise in adopting the backup. It makes the job of IT admins simple with an easy backup solution without any manual process.

AWS currently has few partners that provide backup and storage solutions, though most of them serve across the cross region, unlike AWS.