• The new cloud offering accelerates app development and autonomy and reduces up-front planning and costs.
  • In honor of the debut, Hazelcast will provide users free data storage of up to 2 Gibibytes (GiB) for a brief period of time.

The developer of the real-time data platform, Hazelcast, Inc., recently announced the beta launch of a new serverless service under its Viridian cloud portfolio. By accelerating app development, streamlining provisioning, and enabling flexible and reliable integration of real-time data into applications, Hazelcast Viridian Serverless enables businesses to act immediately on real-time data.

Viridian Serverless is a self-service provisioning approach where no upfront sizing planning is necessary because the cluster expands and contracts based on the workload. Users get instant access to a horizontally scalable real-time data platform with high-speed data store and stream processing capabilities. Users may go from signing up to deploying a functional cluster in a matter of seconds without worrying about the underlying hardware setup or any operational complexity. Users may get started right away with the free-for-life tier thanks to the flexibility and speed, which creates a more effective development model that prevents over-and under-provisioning. In honor of the debut, Hazelcast will provide users free data storage of up to 2 Gibibytes (GiB) for a brief period of time.

Hazelcast Viridian Dedicated, a fully managed, single-tenant cluster, has been designed for businesses with precise control over their own clusters and/or clear, predictable usage models. Customers who need an enterprise-grade solution for production and predictable workloads will probably choose Viridian Dedicated for their needs. Users can choose the serverless model for development and unpredictable production workloads.

The Hazelcast Platform, a real-time data platform and integrated runtime that combines distributed stream processing and real-time data management to act instantly and automatically on detected patterns, trends, and anomalies, powers the Hazelcast Viridian products. This unique combination does away with functions that cause bottlenecks in other designs, such as database writes, batch processing, and human interaction requirements.

“Real-time applications are hard to build on traditional data platforms, forcing businesses to compromise their strategic aspirations. Hazelcast Viridian Serverless is the next step in providing a truly real-time cloud, all while making it even easier to develop, configure and deploy innovative applications,” said Manish Devgan, chief product officer of Hazelcast. “Our new serverless offering is the most seamless way to build and deploy cloud-native, real-time applications that will drive the next generation of competitive advantage.”

The serverless edition is the best technology for the digital integration hub design as it allows businesses to quickly capture data from many sources to give end users more context. With this architecture, businesses can speed up online and mobile applications, get a 360-degree view of their customers, track assets in real-time, stop fraud, give targeted suggestions, make real-time promotional offers, and more. The stream processing environments that serve as the basis for payment processing, Internet of Things analytics, and microservices messaging are also well suited for Hazelcast Viridian Serverless.

Features include:

  • Self-service sign-up with a free-forever tier that offers 2 GiB of in-memory storage for a brief period of time.
  • Well-known declarative API for developing software that uses real-time streaming data.
  • The ability for a large number of developers to conduct queries on real-time data, thanks to support for streaming SQL.
  • Pre-built connectors for a variety of cloud data sources, as well as an API for creating specialized connectors for any other data source.
  • Seamless integration with widely used data technologies deployed in the cloud, like Apache Kafka.
  • Strong WAN replication capabilities to support geo-distributed systems and disaster recovery plans by integrating data across cloud deployments.
  • Upgrade data capture (CDC) equipment to support real-time data updates.
  • Support for high-performance infrastructure to ensure that real-time systems have the throughput and latency they need.

The usage of serverless architectures is expanding across various industries, including retail, banking, and others. In fact, according to Cisco’s ”2022 Global Hybrid Cloud Trends Report,” 40% of businesses employing cloud-native technology also use serverless.

Hazelcast Viridian Serverless is currently available on Amazon Web Services (AWS) and will soon be available on Google Compute Platform (GCP). Additionally, Viridian Serverless provides a pay-as-you-go monthly pricing structure with integrated auto-scaling to meet resource needs. Enterprises can do developer testing at a reasonable cost because they only pay for what they need. Customers of Hazelcast will soon have another choice: a contract-based license with technical assistance.