If still in doubt whether you need disaster recovery here some data: 93 percent of the enterprises lose their computer systems for 10 days or more due to a disaster usually file for the bankruptcy within the year of the disaster occurrence the survey was conducted for the U.S. National Archive and Records Administration. The data recovery solution is imperative for the enterprises if they are looking for long-term growth options,  more than 94 percent of the companies that lose their data or resources due to natural Disaster don’t survive. Almost 43 percent of them close down immediately while 51 percent of them are forced out of the business within the next two years. So if your enterprise is asking the question whether they need disaster recovery, they need to understand that it will be the underlying platform for critical situations that will be saving your critical data. The increase in demand for the Disaster-Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) solution for the complete transitions of cloud applications with minimum downtime to improve the disaster preparedness.

DRaaS works by complete setting using the virtualized environment that completely replicates the enterprise IT environment. The implementation of the disaster recovery should be done before the Disaster strikes with building the disaster recovery policy and recovery strategy in place. Disaster recovery is offered as a solution by many of the cloud service providers to improve the data protection solutions in case of disasters.  The ideal solution that can be derived for the enterprises when a homogenous virtualized IT environment running either on their own data center or cloud data center and the Disaster recovery provider is also using the same virtualization technology in the remote site.  Data recovery is a solution that will improve the data cohesiveness and flexibility of the work environment.