Data Analytics convert a string of data into meaningful insights, providing organizations with actionable steps. Data analytics over the years has impacted different industries and has built on different problems by providing users with actionable insights. At the recent Google Cloud Next conference, England Soccer Manager Gareth Southgate spoke about how data is generated and exploited, and the businesses need to think really hard about how it is used. 

According to Gareth, the Football Association (FA) is applying technology to some of the strongest personalities in the world. Data is assisting them to get the best out of each player without hurting their morals, which inevitably can cause significant damage to the player.

Earlier this year, Google and FA collaborated to work together on a better objective. It was to utilize the right technology to assist them in accessing varied information about the player performance and providing different insights about the athletes.

Data is not a complete isolated entity holding a value; it comes with real-power and should be utilized with care. This is especially required when dealing with certain football stars, in the same way, it applies to the mainstream business of technology. So bringing data to the game even brings new systems and analysis. Thus, the style in which a team plays really dictates what a user of analytics wants to measure. Some teams might want to invest in players to assist them in playing forward or more quickly, or what should be the exact style of playing.

Currently, every team has a different style of playing, so the challenge and beauty with technology is that not everything will work, and some things might work wonderfully. Therefore, even coaches or investment in players can be very well-defined based on technology, but the consequential loss might be the portion of the cost in the old system that is not amortized out.