• The new feature allows analysts to visualize user journeys on a website or app, pinpointing factors influencing user departures or cart abandonment.
  • As stated by the Principal Product Manager, the feature is seamlessly incorporated into Amplitude Analytics, connecting qualitative and quantitative analysis.

Amplitude Inc., a company specializing in behavior-tracking software, has recently unveiled enhanced features in its digital analytics platform. These improvements aim to elevate user behavior analysis, streamline website A/B testing, and introduce a tag editor tailored for companies initiating data collection and instrumentation.

The company’s platform is employed for analyzing online behavior, aiding companies in creating more compelling and efficient digital experiences. The notable aspect of the recent announcement is incorporating a session replay feature, allowing analysts to visually trace a user’s path across a website or mobile app. This helps identify elements that contribute to user departure or cart abandonment.

This feature’s integration with Amplitude Analytics connects qualitative and quantitative analysis, as explained by Katie Barnett, the Principal Product Manager. “This helps customers watching a replay visualize the sessions based on the events that actually matter to them and cue to those exact moments they want to know more about. This is unique relative to competitors that are using auto tracking with CSS selectors,” she said.

CSS selectors function as templates within cascading style sheets, providing a means to choose and design HTML elements based on their attributes and relationships with other elements in the HTML document. They grant developers the ability to apply specific styles to elements without changing the HTML structure. However, mastering these selectors can be intricate and challenging for developers.

Barnett said, “It’s basically using code that engineers have written to guide the way that someone looks at user activity. Our session replay makes it much easier for someone to understand what someone is doing with the product and connecting defined events with visual recreations.” The linkage of session replays can also be established with Amplitude’s customer data platform to facilitate audience segmentation.

The new web experimentation feature aims to streamline the process of testing multiple landing pages for effectiveness. This feature is coupled with Amplitude Analytics, offering a more profound insight into the factors influencing customer behavior. It is expected to be widely accessible in the first half of this year.

The visual tag editor automates the process of data collection and instrumentation, making it simpler for design and engineering teams to monitor website or app activity. The functionality is expected to be accessible to the general public during the initial half of this year. “It’s about helping teams automate more of the data collection process. It makes it easier to get up and running.” Barnett said.