• Atos and Agfa publicized the story behind the partnership.
  • Agfa has been involved in a unique IT transformation program and is endeavoring for an agile, simple, and future-proof digital organization.

To streamline digital transformation

Atos and Agfa announced the conclusion of a major partnership wherein the former will assist the latter in streamlining digital transformation. Atos will also offer and manage a vital section of Agfa’s internal IT services and help streamline the firm’s digital journey.

Being a global imaging technology and IT leader, Agfa has been involved in a unique IT transformation program, endeavoring for an agile, simple, and future-proof digital organization.

This strategic move will help Agfa benefit from Atos’ expertise to execute a modern and pioneering IT landscape while enhancing its IT cost in all territories where it’s operational. Atos will execute advanced solutions, such as workplace management, mainframe services, cloud solutions, hosting, and network.

Atos’ solution comprises a wide range of application-related services and transformational projects, seeking to standardize, simplify, and modernize the Agfa IT landscape. This IT landscape comprises a harmonization of Agfa’s Human Resource (HR), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), and digital workplace solutions.

By enhancing and personalizing the IT experience for more than 7,000 employees of Agfa, Atos will enable them to enjoy the benefit of the most significant level of employee experience in the sector and assist them to innovate further for their consumers.

Experts’ view

Jean-Claude Geha, Head of Telecom, Media and Technology at Atos, said, “We are pleased to welcome the former Agfa employees and help them take a step further into the future with our cutting-edge technologies and expertise. Through our partnership, we are focused on providing Agfa and its employees with innovative tools, using transformational initiatives and next-generation technologies to deliver best-in-class imaging systems and IT solutions to their customers.”

Dirk De Man, CFO at Agfa-Gevaert Group, said, “We are very pleased to enter into this partnership with Atos. It will accelerate Agfa’s global transformation, while planned cost optimizations will allow us to invest in future-proof digital systems and to further improve the services we provide to our customers. Simplification, modernization, and digital transformation are at the heart of this partnership, while the cultural fit between the two companies will also ensure the successful onboarding of the former Agfa IT teams into the Atos organization.”