• RFG Advisory has selected the FMG Platform to help financial advisors automate digital marketing across multiple client prospecting and engagement channels.

MG Suite, a SaaS company specializing in marketing tools and services for financial advisors and insurance agents, has established a strategic agreement with RFG Advisory, a creative and quickly developing hybrid RIA, to offer RFG’s new Pathfinder platform.

Pathfinder is a multi-channel, communications, and digital marketing platform that allows RFG Advisory’s financial advisors to plan and execute highly tailored and authentic marketing campaigns to gain new consumers while increasing engagement with current customers – all of this through a user-friendly, scalable, efficient, and centralized website.

Pathfinder’s tailored content platform, which will be accessible to all RFG Advisory financial advisors by the third quarter of this year, features the following:

  • Pathfinder is a one-stop shop for all marketing activities. It allows advisors to manage all activities, including timely email and social posts, video and build-your-own newsletters, client events and seminars, lead magnets, greeting and note cards, and help with branding, copywriting, and SEO, in one platform.
  • RFG advisors can use unique content generated by the RFG team and can also develop their original content using Pathfinder. The platform also provides advisors simple access to FMG Suite’s full library of editable, pre-approved documents. Advisors can have the best of both worlds by combining creative and pre-approved material in their marketing.
  • Pathfinder allows advisors to automate their social media posts – utilizing content provided by the RFG team ranging from lifestyle to economic/financial – making it simple for them to make interest-generating posts that go well with their brand image.
  • All activities in Pathfinder will instantly be updated in the RFG CRM, and contacts will sync bi-directionally, allowing advisors to manage their contacts, activities, and analytics easily.
  • Advisors can perform marketing without worrying about the added step of submitting to compliance as Pathfinder automatically routes all activities through ad review for them. This is possible because of the one-click compliance workflow.

This news has come close with the announcement of RFG’s Advisory’s first Warrior Advisor Conference, which will take place in person from October 12 to 14, 2022, in Cape Coral, Florida. The Warrior Advisor event exemplifies RFG’s “Crush Everything” attitude, providing two days of motivating, rigorous training to help advisors overcome fear, put their physical and mental toughness to the test, and ultimately thrive – not just survive – during times of upheaval.

Experts’ view

“In this increasingly virtual world, establishing and maintaining truly personal connections with clients and prospects can be very challenging, even as financial advisors face rising demands on their time and resources,” said RFG Advisory President, Shannon Spotswood. “Our launch of Pathfinder in partnership with FMG Suite gives our financial advisors the ability to connect and engage with clients and prospects across every medium in a scalable and authentic basis. FMG’s platform wow’d us and we are so excited to incorporate our own social, email, and blog content and integrate it seamlessly into our platform to make it easy for our advisors to significantly up their marketing efforts without any additional investment of their time!”

“The executive team at RFG Advisor recognizes that amplifying the 1-1 relationship with their clients is crucial to an advisor’s business success. It takes time and effort to build these types of connections, and advisors need help getting this done in an efficient, scalable, and authentic way. We are excited that the Pathfinder platform will soon be available to help RFG Advisory with this critical element of their business,” said Susan Theder, CMO/CXO of FMG Suite. “All of us at FMG Suites have a passion for financial advisor marketing and ensuring we remain at the forefront of the latest marketing trends and technology solutions. Pathfinder is the latest manifestation of our passion.”