Based in Chicago, NetBlaze, a digital marketing solutions company for small businesses nationwide, has announced the launch of its advanced version – NetBlaze Pro. The latest update features new service offerings that streamline and drive a targeted digital marketing strategy. With NetBlaze Pro, customers can easily access additional SEO services, website hosting, and development to help boost a business’s online presence.

“After a successful launch of the NetBlaze app, we recognized that we had the opportunity to provide even more services that help small businesses achieve their digital marketing goals,” said NetBlaze CEO and Co-Founder Steven Clayton. “With NetBlaze Pro, our customers now have access to even more tools that help them improve their online presence and generate more revenue through strategic SEO, building more impactful websites that are ranked higher on Google and providing new avenues for customers to find and engage small businesses.”

NetBlaze Pro package consists of the following:

  • Targeted local and national SEO: Along with the baseline SEO offerings, NetBlaze Pro dives far more deeply into targeted SEO optimization at a hyper-local and/or national level to help businesses meet their target audience and boost Google’s ranking.
  • Custom website: Builds a fully customized website with up to 20 pages, while offering a variety of additional features including an event calendar with booking and payment capability, appointments book and pay, limo/taxi booking features, membership, and learning management.
  • E-commerce website: Develops an e-commerce platform built on customers and company’s consideration with integrated features such as advanced product filtering, custom product templates, loyalty program, product wish list, product add-on, store locator, gift cards, custom invoice, and courier integration.
  • One page DIY website: NetBlaze also provides a simpler package for businesses with specific needs, including the development of a single page template-based website with the ability to add features such as scheduling appointments, blog setup, marketing popup, and email marketing integration.
  • Website care packages: Websites are continuously monitored to ensure that all information is scanned and updated regularly, with an option between two packages. The Basic Care package consists of manual checks for bugs, upgrades necessary to keep the site running smoothly, as well as updates for plugins and checks for malware. The Pro care package offers all of these services along with an additional one hour of development time each month with the NetBlaze staff to make asked changes to the website, as well as contact from a specialist if the website is not functioning correctly.
  • Web hosting: Website hosting services by NetBlaze Pro enables its clients to create web domains directly through its package with the company.

Launched in July 2020, NetBlaze’s newly launched app is designed to streamline digital marketing from the concise, clear, easy-to-use platform, and it was made available at the lowest price of USD 297. The app included customer relations management, social media management, reputation management, and SEO. Now, NetBlaze Pro comes with more options that help in advancing digital marketing strategies and leverages small businesses to grow.