SmarterHQ, on May 20, 2020, announced the launch of the Smarter Predictions tool, allowing marketers to implement machine learning and modeled campaigns across all of the data and communication channels.

Smarter Predictions gives brands the insights and ability to anticipate customer’s next move and power the most relevant, high conversion message directly in the SmarterHQ platform. The dynamic and self-tuning models update based on how customers interact, especially in the time of holidays and COVID-19, when customer behavior is changing.

Michael Osborne, President and CEO of SmarterHQ, states, “SmarterHQ wants to automate as much as possible, allow for quick analysis of potential reach/outcome, and make it easy to predict outcomes based on real behavioral data.” The tools also help brands identify cross channel behavioral patterns and interact with those who are likely to become buyers in the future.

Smarter Predictions also helps to identify disengaging customers and the ones who are highly engaged but not converted. It helps in uncovering the products or combinations of products that are driving overall value at a given point of time, no matter what they are driving to the current revenue.

Dean Abbott, Co-Founder and Chief Data Scientist at SmarterHQ, said, “With Smarter Predictions, brands can instantly understand what inventory and customers are showing the highest indicators of loyalty, their engagement and decay, likelihood to purchase, lifetime value, what they will most likely do next, and exactly how to best interact with them moving forward—ultimately offering the most personalized experience possible. Our models adapt to the most recent consumer behaviors. Identifying shifting consumer trends is paramount for marketers especially during and post-pandemic.”

With the tool too, SmarterHQ ensures the highest level of security and protection of data for the clients.