Unbxd Inc., and FoodServiceDirect.com (FSD) are collaborating to bring an upheaval in the way shoppers buy groceries online. The company Unbxd combines the strong capabilities of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) to render relevant and simple purchase experience for both B2C and B2B customers.

Unbxd is a personalized engine vendor that helps in the creation of relevant and personalized experience for shoppers. The differentiated customer experience, personalization, and AI-based relevance help in converting shoppers into buyers. And, after integrating the capabilities of Unbxd, FoodServiceDirect.com will ensure that shoppers find the most relevant products across the purchase journey.

The technology comprises self-learning AI models that power the search and merchandising processes to understand the buying behavior and preferences. The overall shopping experience is enhanced by integrating 50+ AI models, facets, and filters resulting in:

  • Context-aware search
  • Shortening the path-to-purchase
  • Visual autosuggest
  • Add-to-cart functionalities

“We were looking for a solution that was easy to integrate with while hosting our eCommerce on Magento(Adobe Commerce). The search solution had to be fast and agile. The AI capabilities Unbxd demonstrated and offered made for an obvious choice,” says Adeel Murtaza, Head of eCommerce Technology at FoodServiceDirect.com.

Unbxd Founder and CEO Pavan Sondur, says, “We are thrilled to help Unilever’s FSD platform to deliver a personalized digital experience to its online shoppers. This transformation has come at a very apt time when everyone is heading the eCommerce way to buy essentials.” He adds, “Grocery is a key segment for us and we are bringing the offline convenience to the online mode of buying.”