Twitter is testing a new feature that will bring a slight change in the display of the social media platform. It will show retweets with comments in a separate column or bar along with the current retweet counter. The idea is to help users see retweets with their comments in a simplified way.

The column will be placed separately from the current retweets counter; however, it would be live in the same line underneath the post. “Twitter is testing to show a separate ‘x Retweets with comments’ row,” tweeted Jane Manchun Wong, who reverse engineers apps to unearth experimental features.

She added, “They are also implementing the tabbed Retweets page for Android, so that’s pretty sweet.”

The feature will help users see the retweets in a systematic manner. It will also bifurcate retweet with comments and retweet without comments, making it easy to check if there is somebody with whom you can interact.

Twitter is also moving forward to work on a feature that will allow users to schedule a tweet on a specific time and date. For any changes or deletion, the users can look at their scheduled tweets in the scheduling window on the platform.

Apart from the scheduling feature, Twitter is also experimenting with giving users the second opportunity to self-edit their tweets and replies. It is to enact the policies against harmful, abusive, and hate content before they post it and face the consequences.