· Both firms aim to help Google Cloud customers maximize the performance, security, and cost management of their compute workloads.

·  Globally thousands of consumers are dependent on DoiT because of its smart technology portfolio.

DoiT International and AMD collaboration

DoiT International (DoiT), a global multi-cloud software and Managed Service Provider (MSP), announced its collaboration with AMD on a program to help Google Cloud consumers maximize performance, security, and cost management of their compute workloads.

Consumers can accomplish the best performance gains possible and enhance cloud spending and management with DoiT and AMD’s expert technical consultation by finding the correct workloads for a benchmark comparison on AMD EPYC processors.

In collaboration, both companies will offer Google Cloud consumers the best available technology, tools, and technical specialists in the industry to make sure compute workloads are finely tuned for cost, performance, and longevity.

Benefits offered by DoiT and AMD include –

  • Workload performance benchmark analysis
  • Expert technical consulting
  • Access to DoiT’s advanced technology suite of solutions (majorly its technology portfolio and FlexSave offering – all cost-free for DoiT consumers)

DoiT and AMD will offer Google Cloud consumers workload benchmark analysis on AMD EPYC processors. These processors power N2D, Tau T2D VMs, and C2D that are perfect for general-purpose, HPC, and scale-out workloads. Moreover, Google Cloud’s Virtual Machines (VMs) will utilize the scalability and superior technology of AMD processors and have been specially developed for today’s essential workloads.

Thousands of consumers globally are dependent on DoiT because of its smart technology portfolio that automates and streamlines cloud usage, along with focussed, expert consultancy, and unlimited technical support – all of this with no additional cost to consumers.

DoiT’s robust software enables consumers to quickly realize cloud cost savings and resolve challenging cloud problems such as maintaining governance and compliance and avoiding cloud billing surprises. Its FlexSave solution completely automates the management of Google Cloud Committed Use Discounts (CUDs) so that firms can maximize savings without computing commitments and do away with manual work managing the CUD process.

Experts’ view

Nimret Sandhu, Director of Technical Cloud Operations at Zonar Systems, said, “Zonar appreciates DoiT’s support and technology for the best possible ROI in cloud FinTech spend. DoiT has provided the technology and professional expertise for solving our complex cloud challenges.”

Lynn Comp, Corporate Vice President of Cloud Business at AMD, said, “AMD EPYC processors deliver leading price-performance, scalability, and security for a variety of Google Cloud customers. We are excited to collaborate with DoiT to allow more customers to test and optimize on the latest Google Cloud technology based on AMD EPYC processors, improving performance, and maximizing their cloud adoption costs.”

Yoav Toussia-Cohen, CEO of DoiT International, said, “For more than a decade we’ve worked alongside digitally savvy customers of all sizes, all struggling with the fundamental challenge of improving performance without inflating cloud cost. This collaboration will combine what AMD and DoiT do best and deliver tangible, meaningful results for customers. We are proud to partner with AMD and optimistic that together we can better enable customers to reach their goals with the cloud.”