Founda Health, an Amsterdam-based enterprise focused on creating the future of healthcare IT, has confessed its move toward bringing fintech-style “platformization” to healthcare.

As a step forward, the company has secured USD 15 million in a seed funding round and has kept the identity of investors a secret.

Founda mentions how fintech has made payments insightful for the consumer and how several finance enterprises are collaborating and coming together in the backdrop to process safe and secure credit card transactions. This is exactly what the company envisions and wants to bring to healthcare.

As part of the innovative drill, Founda has developed a platform that connects hospitals with sophisticated healthtech apps over the last two years. Users such as doctors can pick their preferred app, test them and apply their favorites into the workflows. The company claims that the service will forever be free for healthcare providers, and they can also request an unlimited amount of connectivity.

These apps are a fast-scaling bet and will open new markets since the company has plans to connect them with international Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems.

The good news for EHR partners is that the start-up takes responsibility for all required localization as per market norms.

What experts say

Jan Joost Kalff, Founder and CEO of Founda Health, comes with a strong executive and entrepreneurial role in the fintech domain. The founder of payments service Dimebox, later acquired by Verifone in 2018, he brings his rich experience to Founda.

Kalff states, “We can safely say we know what it takes to take care of highly sensitive data and have seen first-hand the positive impact it can have on an industry and the end user when platforms are introduced.” He adds, “the service will benefit patients and improve patient outcomes.”