In response to COVID-19, Aduro, a leading platform that operates for well-being and performance of both organizations and employees, announced the launch of a suite of health, safety, and mental well-being solutions to help organizations with three operational realities, namely, remote work, essential onsite work, and return-to-work policies and procedures.

“Now more than ever, it’s paramount that employers advocate for and ensure the health and safety of their workforce. Ultimately, the decisions we make for our businesses impact our communities and our health systems,” explained Dr. Darren White, Aduro CEO. “Aduro is uniquely equipped to support organizations and their employees with quick access to the health and mental well-being resources that they need right now.”

Aduro provides COVID-19 solution planning for the security and welfare of critical onsite workers, and remote staff when they are permitted to return to work, including routine temperature checks and execution of health surveys. The service includes onsite trained screeners and a health concierge to review, triage, and implement safety procedures. This approach is an expansion of the WellMetrics product by Aduro, which has been conducting high-volume, biometric, and safety assessments for mid-size and business companies for a long time.

According to Aduro’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Tim Moore, “We know the virus that causes COVID-19 is highly contagious and spreads from person to person—and that someone could be asymptomatic and unknowingly infect others. It is very important for employers to educate and screen their employees to make sure they reduce virus transmission and maintain a healthy work environment.”

Aduro is also about to make some advancements in the launch of its mental health solutions to support all its employees toward their emotional well-being. Also, adding interactive mental health content to its Human Performance solution and behavioral health coaches to its Human Performance coaching team to reiterate its commitment toward its employees.

A live cast will be made available for the participants as a bonus stating the benefits of a sense of community, human connection, and practical tips on how to navigate when uncertainty occurs. The cast initiative will begin from April 14, 2020, twice a week.