Corra Group provides SwiftHire to all business customers seeking a safe way to conduct employment screening remotely. The El Segundo California-based company  provides a wide range of background inspections both domestically and internationally.

“With SwiftHire, businesses can screen their candidates remotely,” said Corra Group Co-Founder, Nick Gustavson. “For trucking and transportation concerns, the company can obtain driver’s motor vehicle driving record, or MVR, in most states by merely emailing their drivers a link.

Gustavson further stated, “SwiftHire is such that the employer emails the candidate a link, the candidate clicks on the link does their own data entry, and then submits the report through email. The employer reviews the report and, if satisfactory, the employer with a simple click places the order. Voila. It’s done. SwiftHire automatically captures the candidate’s authorization form as well. MVR’s typically return in about a minute.”

Gustavson promised that Corra Group will be able to build any number of packages that employers need to meet their requirements. He also mentioned that the employer only needs to click on the appropriate package during the sending out of the SwiftHire connection and it goes off automatically.

“SwiftHire will service both domestic and international candidates,” said Gustavson. “This is a simple and easy solution for social distancing while maintaining a critical part of the on-boarding process. With Swifthire, an employer can conduct everything from criminal records, background checks to healthcare sanctions, to education verification, and all else in between. This is the best way to assure safety and reduce the risk from personal contact.”

“Corra Group understands we are all in this together and it’s incumbent upon us all to follow the safe working guidelines outlined by the CDC. So for a limited time, through the course of the novel Coronavirus pandemic, we are eliminating the application fee and offering SwiftHire free of charge. It is our small way of contributing to the well-being of the national and global economies.”