• Hiretual with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) launched its newest deep two-way integrations, including Greenhouse, Workday, and iCIMS.
  • Hiretual, an AI-based recruitment software, helps enterprises to centralize all recruiting efforts for hiring small and big teams.

Hiretual TalentFusion is a grid of dual-way combinations that unites with topmost business Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to assist organizations experience artificial intelligence (AI) sourcing, data deduplication, and talent rediscovery within an integrated workflow. Through Hiretual TalentFusion, business consumers can work with smooth assimilations to power and cleanse their applicant database with its AI engine.

Hiretual is the foremost AI-powered employment software employed by top businesses to slash tracking time by as much as 80%. It acts as a candidate data engine to help hiring teams to search the best candidates for small and big teams.

CEO and Co-Founder at Hiretual, Steven Jiang, said, “Recruiting teams today are saddled with unconnected data silos, out-of-date profiles, duplicate records and other data accuracy gaps. Hiretual TalentFusion aims to build an enriched data set featuring up-to-date profiles free of duplicates. Ultimately, it enables recruiting teams to search for externally and rediscover internal data to find and screen the best candidates quickly.”

TalentFusion uses AI to enrich and refresh present applicant profiles into an ATS with the latest data extracted from the open web. Further, it helps companies to connect with their warm applicant pool. Nine different filters, such as years of involvement, timeframe, and stage, help to hire teams to segregate applicants easily. To enhance clarity and cooperation, Hiretual uses real-time synchronization of applicant tags and notes.

Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder at Hiretual, Xinwen Zhang, said, “Hiretual’s technology, especially our Natural Language Processing and knowledge graph, aggregates all kinds of data from an ATS and job board, including candidate profiles and activities. Then, on top of our AI-powered open web sourcing, Hiretual refreshes all these candidate profiles so users can always resurface them for their latest job positions.”

As enterprises get ready for a new promising scenario of the employment industry in the third quarter of 2020, these ATS integrations open up new aspirant sourcing networks by making uneven information actionable.

Martin Warren, Regional Talent Sourcing Manager at Grab, Southeast Asia’s top rideshare application, said, “The [Hiretual-Workday] integration has saved us a considerable amount of time, as the Sourcing team no longer has to add hundreds of resumes and screening notes to Workday manually every week. Additionally, this has created a significantly better experience for everyone on the Sourcing and Talent Acquisition teams as all candidate details are now accurately added to the Workday Req in a timely and efficient manner.”

The availability of various ATS search filters on Hiretual makes it easy for recruiters to hire correct applicants by easily sorting them as per the ATS stage, last contacted, ATS job, and Hiretual project.