• Siemens applauded by Frost & Sullivan and conferred with the Global Market Leadership Award.
  • The award was presented based on Siemens’s overall performance in the digital platform industry.
  • Xcelerator combines the complete Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio.
  • Frost & Sullivan gives this award to the company that demonstrates excellence in development and consumer value.
  • Best Practices Award recognizes the company’s increased industry revenue over time.

Siemens praised by Frost & Sullivan

Siemens (Siemens Digital Industries Software) was much-admired by Frost & Sullivan with the Global Market Leadership Award for accounting for about 20% of the integrated digital platform industry. The result was declared after the analysis of the digital transformation market by Frost & Sullivan.

Siemens Xcelerator portfolio

Siemens was awarded because it helps industrial consumers overcome the issues caused by functional siloes and boost their digital transformational journey. It is also strengthening its flagship products into its Xcelerator portfolio. Further, it allows consumers to manage areas that affect a product lifecycle, comprising cloud, design, IoT, simulation, MOM, and PLM.

Xcelerator brings together and combines the complete Siemens Digital Industries Software portfolio using different tools and databases connecting present and future information technology (IT), engineering technology (ET), and operational technology (OT) environments. It also allows one to seamlessly build, integrate, and extend one’s present data and network systems.

The portfolio includes Siemen’s flagship solutions such as Mendix, MindSphere, EDA Solutions, Siemens Cloud Solutions, Tecnomatix, and Simcenter. Xcelerator combines a wide range of software components, applications, and services to meet consumers’ industry-specific needs aiming to be a digital enterprise. The novel feature of the Xcelerator portfolio is that it enables users to construct customized applications that could record performance data and share insights with design and manufacturing teams.

Each year, Frost & Sullivan gives this award to the company that demonstrates excellence in development and consumer value.

Frost & Sullivan ‘Best Practices Award’ recognizes

  • Organizations that have accomplished a disruptive or innovative breakthrough
  • Companies that have exhibited exemplary achievements in development strategies and processes
  • Superior performance in areas such as strategic product development, leadership, consumer service, and technological innovation

Industry analysts compare industry participants and measure performance via in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research to recognize best practices in the industry.

Expert thoughts

Rohit Karthikeyan, Industry Analyst at Frost & Sullivan, commented: “The Xcelerator platform focuses on three main areas of digital transformation: comprehensive digital twin, open ecosystem, and personalized and adaptable solutions.”

He further added, “In the virtual world, Siemens offers mechanical, software and electrical design solutions, a simulation platform for design and manufacturing systems, and virtual commissioning. For the physical domain, its portfolio includes R&D and prototype testing, automation and controls, commissioning of manufacturing systems, as well a complete Industrial Internet as a Service solution.”

“Siemens has built the Xcelerator strategy on the cloud-based Mendix low-code application platform, which enables industrial customers to create and deploy apps specific to their requirement across the product lifecycle, engineering, or supply chain,” Karthikeyan added. “Its human-centered innovation helps industrial customers adapt to the current global COVID-19 pandemic and accelerate their journey towards becoming a digital enterprise.”


Frost & Sullivan aims to help drive positive change, innovation, and excellence in the global economy by identifying best-in-class products, individuals, and companies. Reaching loyal consumers who became brand advocates enables the organization to expand and accomplish a market leadership position. The Best Practices Award recognizes the company’s increased industry revenue over time.