Based in Silicon Valley, California, LitePoint, a leading provider of wireless test solutions, has recently launched IQfactATM, a wireless turnkey software automation tool. The software enables manufacturing verification for wireless products using pre-certified 4G, NBIoT, and 5G cellular modules.

Such cellular modules are designed to be a practical and straightforward way to incorporate cellular connectivity to new IoT, customer premise equipment (CPE), mobile broadband, laptop computer, and automotive telematics designs.

IQfactATM is designed in such a manner that it can provide a simple, innovative automation solution that ensures the end-product quality. The solution is optimized for manufacturing and integrating the LitePoint Asynchronous Parallel Test (APT) multi-DUT scheduling technology to provide a superior test economy.

“There can be a temptation among wireless device manufacturers to depend entirely on their cellular module suppliers to provide tested wireless connectivity. While the module has been pretested by itself, in order to ensure that the final assembly and software installation is successful, there are some essential parametric tests that can ensure wireless connectivity quality of the end-product,” said Rex Chen, Director of Strategic Business Development at LitePoint. “The IQfactATM software reduces the per-unit testing costs with a turnkey automation test software solution suitable for pre-certified CPE, IoT, Telematics, and other mobile products,” he added.

Functioning of IQfactATM
IQfactATM acts as an automation suite designed to use in high-volume manufacturing testing. The software goes well with LitePoint RF test platforms, including the IQxel-MW, IQxel-MW 7G, IQxstream-M, and IQxstream-5G.

The automation tool carries rapid RF parametric testing that includes transmitter power, frequency accuracy, receiver RSSI, as well as pass/failure checking. IQfactATM gives flexibility to users to create a custom test flow on a per device basis.

IQfactATM platform performs the test executive suite by controlling the RF tester and DUT along with the test parameters, log collection, and data analysis. The software solution supports multiple wireless technologies, including 2G, 3G, 4G LTE, NB-IoT, Cat-M, and 5G FR1.

With an easy-to-use interface and minimal guidance, the turnkey software solution becomes easily operatable for manufacturing test.