• 6WIND wins “Top Networking Solution Provider Award.”
  • 6WIND is one of the leading ten firms to win this award.

6WIND, the winner

6WIND is a top high-performance networking software company. It recently has been conferred with the title “Top Networking Solution Provider Award” in Europe. 6WIND is one of the ten leading firms to win this award for its pioneering, leading-edge networking solutions. Enterprise Networking Magazine has assembled a list of Top 10 Networking Solution Providers in Europe – 2020.

In today’s hyper-connected digital environment, latency and high speed are the banes of internet users worldwide. With each new generation of wireless communication designed to accomplish speeds never before experienced, telecommunication professionals cannot fully unlock 5G connectivity potential.

With the expectations that commercial communication companies, customers, and businesses have begun to express about the technology, increasing the stress to manufacture and supply software solutions that support it. Although not every company can meet these new requirements quickly and cost-efficiently. However, these challenges could be overcome when a firm reaches out to 6WIND.

6WIND is a global networking software company that specializes in virtual router (vRouter) solutions.

Expert views

Julien Dahan, Chief Executive Officer at 6WIND, commented: “We are delighted to have won this recognition for the top 10 networking solution providers in Europe.  6WIND provides the best cost to performance ratio along with unparalleled security, flexibility, and reliability, which can be integrated and use in Tier 1 Service & Cloud Providers, OEMs, and Enterprises.”