Mirai, the software that has hijacked more than thousands of devices that are connected to the internet to launch a massive DDoS attack are now going beyond the internet connected devices and incorporating the SD-WAN technology. The VMware’s SDX line of SD-WAN appliance came under such attack; the company has now updated the software version that fixes the vulnerability. The new target by the Mirai is setting new goals for the business security where they are getting networking gears.

The exploitation of the vulnerability was something new for the enterprises, but the botnet developed by the Mirai sets the tone that many of the SD-WAN have security holes that could lead to exploitation.  The vulnerability was recently discovered by independent researchers who had also disclosed the vulnerability to VMware, that went ahead to declare a fixation for the software. However, the means to exploit the vulnerability is now being included in the recently developed new variant of Mirai. Though Mirai keeps updating the technology for their bots to add new targets to their list according to Unit 42. The recent research in the bot technology wherein they use an original tactic or simply by targeting the devices that running using default credentials. It has given rise to many bot attacks that exploit several vulnerabilities in a wide range of devices; the updated version of the Mirai means that we could be using the malicious software includes eight new-to-Mirai exploits.

The improved version of the VMware SD-WAN includes the SD-WAN Edge 3.1.2 however the bot attacks will still be affecting the SD-WAN edge 3.1.1 according to the VMware security advisor. After the Unit 42 review came into reports, VMware posted a blog stating that they are conducting their internal investigation in the given attacks. Detecting the attacks on the SD-WAN relies heavily on the degree of monitoring for the complete network, any unusual traffic in the network could flag the complete activity.