• NordVPN will cover a wide range of locations with its 10 Gbps servers.
  • 10 Gbps servers enable more simultaneous uploads without throttling, as per the company.

New upgrade

NordVPN declared a new upgrade to its network to 10 Gbps servers to get enhanced performance and the maximum speed for its users.

NordVPN is the first company to move from 1 Gbps to 10 Gbps servers and cover several locations. Till now, over 20% of NordVPN servers have been upgraded to 10 Gbps.

Marijus Briedis, Chief Technology Officer (CTO) at NordVPN, commented: “While our servers in Amsterdam and Tokyo have been 10Gbps for quite some time now, London, Singapore, and a part of the US are planned to fully integrate a 10Gbps network by the end of this year.”

The company states, “In general, VPNs run on 1Gbps servers, but to enhance the speed and overall performance, NordVPN is moving a step forward.”

Rising data solutions

1 Gbps servers will eventually run into bottlenecks as 5G is booming and data demand is getting higher. Thus, the company is bringing higher transfer speeds to the industry. When several users try to connect to a server, the bandwidth is efficiently divided, leading to a slower pace. However, 10 Gbps servers enable more simultaneous uploads without throttling, as per the company.

More data passing via the connection per second means it takes less time to request the server.

Briedis commented: “The number of people relying on NordVPN for secure internet access is skyrocketing. We’re going to keep improving our server speeds to meet that demand by acquiring future-focused solutions like 10Gbps servers.”

Earlier this year, NordVPN rolled out a private server network wholly-owned and managed by NordVPN itself. The company states, “The custom-specific colocated servers provide NordVPN users with an even higher level of security and privacy.”

Latest declarations

NordVPN presented the presets feature on the NordVPN app for macOS in the present month, enabling users to launch apps and websites with VPN more rapidly.

The preset feature merges custom VPN connection settings with shortcuts to websites and apps. Thus, giving secure VPN-protected access to online services, including downloads, news, and entertainment, directly from the NordVPN app.

Earlier this year, the company publicized a strategic collaboration with Troy Hunt, a web security expert and the creator of Have I Been Pwned. Troy is now a part of Nord Security’s advisors’ team to share experience and provide guidance on the organization’s security and commercial practices.

Nord Security is a home for enhanced security solutions such as the next-generation password manager NordPass, advanced VPN service NordVPN, the business VPN solution NordVPN Teams, and the file encryption tool NordLocker.