In the last week, Cisco, Qwilt, and Digital Alpha (DA) announced they are working with TIM Brazil to bring in their new Content Delivery Network (CDN) solution to the Brazilian market. The innovation will be successful based on the new technology called Open Caching.

TIM Brazil is the first service provider ready to launch this new business model and open caching service in Brazil.

Various changes are coming up in multiple forms. NEC Brazil will implement the new content delivery network (CDN). Based on Open Caching, the TIM’s network will support increasing data volumes and improve the entire network’s streaming experience.

With Open Caching, TIM will be able to generate better revenue and become an active part of the content delivery value chain to end-users. The solution will introduce CDN capabilities inside their networks and remove deployment costs with the innovative model’s help.

Leonardo Capdeville, CTIO, TIM Brazil, said, “Our presence in an open network solution is aligned with our strategy to defend open infrastructure initiatives and establishes an environment for ongoing development. When we combine an innovative solution with a differentiated service to customers, we are expanding the consumer experience in a unique movement in Brazil.”

Alberto Griselli, CRO, TIM Brazil, said, “Starting this month, the first platforms will be activated by the country, in a project that extends to 13 points in TIM Brazil network, bringing quality content closer to the consumer.”

With Cisco, Digital Alpha is the investing partner and provides unique risk and CAPEX-free funding solutions to TIM. The partnership combines capabilities such as Qwilt’s innovative content delivery platform with Cisco’s edge computing and networking infrastructure to offer solutions to all service providers across the world. Add to it, BT recently announced that it had implemented the solution in the UK.