• UfiSpace launches a complete range of disaggregated cell site gateways (DCSG) for the most comprehensive offering in the industry.
  • UfiSpace’s DCSG product family will be added to both the OCP and TIP.

Introduction of DCSG family by UfiSpace

UfiSpace introduced its new disaggregated cell site gateways (DCSG) for the most comprehensive offering in the industry till now. UfiSpace is a primary provider of disaggregated open networking platforms. DCSG family by UfiSpace is leading the path for the next generation of 5G open network solutions. Also, it offers service providers low to high-capacity options to meet a variety of applications.

Addition of new models

New models are being added that are using Broadcom’s Qumran-UX chip include S9501-28SMT and S9501-18SMT. This allows UfiSpace’s DCSGs to be applied in lower capacity scenarios supporting 100M to 10GE port speeds while consuming less power, making them suitable for rural deployments.

The models mentioned above complement UfiSpace’s higher capacity DCSGs. S9500-30XS and S9500-22XST support 100G backhauls and have been deployed in significant carrier networks worldwide.

DCSG product added to OCP and TIP

UfiSpace’s DCSG product family will be added to both the Open Compute Project (OCP) and Telecom Infra Project (TIP). Being the key innovator within the open networking ecosystem, UfiSpace is teaming up with world-recognized software merchants to combine their solutions with their DCSG platforms.

With the expansion of the DCSG product family offering economical options, UfiSpace plans to offer open disaggregated solutions to an even broader range of service providers.

Expert’s take

Vincent Ho, Chief Executive Officer at UfiSpace, commented: “We are excited to expand our DCSG solutions, which will support more deployment scenarios and provide better economies of scale for our customers.”
He further added, “By offering the most extensive selection of DCSGs, UfiSpace will be able to provide our customers with more options for flexible deployments and lowering total cost of ownership.”

Wei-Ai Tai, Senior Director of Business Development at Broadcom, commented: “We are pleased to see such an extensive product portfolio featuring our Qumran-UX chips. UfiSpace’s wide-range of solutions empowers more disaggregation options than ever before for carriers and service providers alike. Once again, our collaboration with UfiSpace has been a fruitful experience, bringing leading-edge platform solutions to the industry.”

JM Chien, VP of Engineering Service Division, Asia Pacific Telecom, commented: “UfiSpace’s DCSG has already enabled us to begin our next generation 5G network into urban areas of Taiwan. We are excited to see so many new options for disaggregated backhaul, giving us even more flexibility in our future 5G rollout.”

Luis Martin Garcia, Engineering Manager at Facebook, commented: “UfiSpace shows great dedication to the open disaggregated community with their regular contributions based on TIP’s DCSG requirements. We welcome such innovation, and we are happy to see our community members now having more flexibility than ever to adopt open and disaggregated network solutions available in TIP Exchange.”

Steve Helvie, VP Channel Development – Open Compute Project (OCP), commented: “UfiSpace recognizes the importance of working within open communities and they have demonstrated their commitment through design contributions to the Open Compute Project (OCP).  UfiSpace is a strong OCP Solution Provider with several OCP Accepted™ solutions in market with more to come. I’m excited to see the team at UfiSpace continue to accelerate open networking across the data center and edge.”

James Buchanan, GM Edge Cloud at ADVA Optical Networking, commented: “Our Ensemble Activator is the market’s most versatile network operating system for DCSGs. When combined with UfiSpace’s carrier-grade disaggregated white box and network cloud solutions, it offers customers unprecedented levels of freedom and agility.”

He further added, “UfiSpace shares our focus on the value of disaggregation and open networking. Its new line of DCSG technologies provides a clear route to the cost-effective mass rollout of 5G services.”