BOXX Technologies, the leading innovator of computer workstations of premium processing, rendering systems and servers announced that it has joined with three major data storage divisions PAC storage, WCT, and PAC Data, they all come under PAC storage in a premier developer and manufacturer of storage systems. While WCT has been responsible for the storage systems integrator/ reseller, while the PAC is a solution for the storage distribution. The new collaboration comes when both BOXX and PAC are making records tumble with a growing demand for storage.

Rick Krause, BOXX CEO said in a statement that there is an explosion in the amount of data that is being consumed by some of our key customers. Storage is one of the fastest growing areas in the current hardware market segment. The company is all set to serve the customers with joining the enterprises that are all set to make storage one of the most premier world-class technology. With a focus on performance, reliability, and efficiency, the company is all set to make storage solutions an improved experience.

PAC is California based storage solution providers with a focus on Data storage, Backup, and disaster recovery. PAC over the years has gained expertise in the technology space with a focus on SAN, NAS, and backup solutions.  PAC sales and engineering solutions are all set to offer a complete solution to its customers, the major company goal is to assist the enterprise customers with data storage offerings using the West Coast Technology (WCT), and PAC Data authorized resellers. Rick Crane, PAC CEO said in a statement that we are excited about the opportunities that the BOXX team and technology brings to PAC’s existing portfolio. It enables the PAC team to continue expanding the storage offerings that are all set to grow exponentially led by complex technology, advancement in media and entertainment, and improve data security.