Verizon introduced a new feature-‘View Time Optimization’ that claims to increase the email open rate by 50%. The feature will help brands in sending emails right when the consumers are engaged with their inbox. The idea is to engage—by sitting on top of the inbox—at the moment when the users are most likely to respond.

Traditionally, senders relied on tracking the customers’ behavior to understand when do they open their email. This feature was called ‘Send Time Optimization,’ which is also used by Mailchimp and countless other email marketing firms.

So, the feature View Time Optimization basically knows when one is most likely to check his email and sends out the message accordingly. It gathers data for every email user and uses the same data to target an individual with a new message It takes the guesswork out of ‘Send Time Optimization.’

Some users might want to know if the advertisers can track them directly. Verizon says that the feature functions in a way wherein when a user logs into the email account, it notifies Verizon servers and then the View Time Optimization tool sends out the email that the brand company has already set up ahead of time.

The feature is not only helping the eCommerce industry to level-up their business but newsletter providers, political campaigns, and other media organizations too.

Verizon’s Product Director Marcel Becker said, “It ensures emails appearing close to the top of the inbox and thus improving the sender’s open rates, click-through rates, and overall ROI of their email marketing campaign.”

While talking about other benefits of the feature, Becker said, “If you’re the user of Verizon’s email products such as Mailchimp and many others, you cannot opt-out of this feature View Time Optimization but you can suggest users unsubscribe from the marketing emails that they no longer wish to see in the inbox.”

He clarified that the tool does not collect the location info of users. Also, it does not share what time of the day and how long a user remains logged into an email account.