• According to Google, its recently released AI tools will create ad copy and tailor it to specific users.
  • Google will also improve Performance Max, a current AI-powered advertising tool.

A set of generative artificial intelligence tools that will make it simpler for businesses to launch online ad campaigns have been introduced by Google LLC.

The tools were unveiled at the annual Google Marketing Live conference, which was held recently in San Francisco. They add to the growing number of generative AI features the business has recently announced.

The first of recent improvements is now available for Google Ads, which businesses use to run advertisements across the Alphabet Inc. unit’s search engine and other websites. Google is adding a generative AI tool to make writing ad copy easier. The search engine giant claims it can automatically produce promotional text from pre-existing website content.

For instance, the tool might receive a link to a product page for a mountain bike from an online bicycle retailer. The tool can produce numerous ad headlines and descriptions using the data from that page. The marketing department of the online retailer can then choose the best text snippets.

Google claims its recently released AI tools will produce ad copy and tailor it to specific users. When showing a mountain bike ad to users looking at entry-level options, the software could, for instance, add the word “affordable” to the ad’s text.

Other facets of online advertising campaigns are also being made more accessible by Google. The search engine giant is releasing a brand-new design tool called Product Studio that enables marketers to edit a product image’s background using natural language prompts. The tool can also automatically raise an image’s resolution.

Google expects brands to use the tool in a variety of situations. A retailer selling various product versions could quickly make unique images for each edition using Product Studio. Marketers can use the tool to test multiple iterations of an advertisement until they find the one that generates the most sales.

Google will also improve Performance Max, an existing AI-powered advertising tool, as part of the update that was just announced. Initially released in 2020, it enables businesses to run advertisements across Google Search and several of the company’s other services. With the addition of generative AI features to Performance Max, brands will be able to generate text and images for advertisements on their own.

Google’s Vice President and General Manager of Ads, Jerry Dischler, wrote in a blog post, “Just provide your website, and Google AI will start learning about your brand to populate your campaign with text and other relevant assets. We’ll even suggest new images generated just for you, helping you stand out to customers across a wider range of inventory and formats.”

In addition to its ad tools, Google intends to incorporate generative AI into its leading search engine. The company gave a sneak peek of an experimental version of Google Search earlier this year that places AI-generated responses to user queries above the typical results. The function locates online store listings that match the description when users search for a product.

Recently at Google Marketing Live, the business revealed plans to incorporate advertisements into search results produced by AI. Promotions will be tailored to each user’s search. For instance, if a customer uses Google’s AI search function to compare travel backpacks from a particular brand, the advertisements may show comparable goods other companies produce.