Europeans Premier consumer tech tradeshow IFA is all set to show off some of their latest products in front of international media and hordes of showgoers. The official date to showcase the potential technology will happen from 6th September to 11th September, and press coverage begins on September 4th. Various technology vendors such as Amazon, Samsung, Electrolux, LG, Qualcomm, and Lenovo will be dominating the IFA trade show, while the show will be open to general public that makes the scrutinizing much more in-depth and crowds can be readily impressed. There would be lot of important tech solution to solve many of the present challenges here is glimpse of that:

1. The next generation of cellular connectivity will be top-of-mind for every mobile company. With press conference from Samsung, LG, Huawei, Song and for first time Nokia coming to IFA would be at least looking towards the service technology.

2. The evolution of foldable screen technology seen with the emergence of Samsung Galaxy fold. It would be interesting to see how technology is being reintroduced after initial failure with many players that are competing for space. With iPhone 11 event that is scheduled on September 10th, foldable evolution will be important. 

3. Intel will be going ahead with launch of six-core laptop processors that are coming to market named as Comet Lake. Laptop makers will be jumping on the bandwagon to introduce the processors on their systems. In TV space we would be looking for the content streaming platforms that would improve the distribution and viewing.

The expansion of Alexa with various third-party speakers that brings voice assistants in new European markets. Amazon might look to showcase some new products that would be launched in the coming months to show various activity.