This is an interesting piece of information for the healthcare industry, where we can witness technology playing a primary role in the detection of diseases.

Microba, an Australia-based biotech company that delivers comprehensive microbiome analysis, is also one of the pilot companies to offer gut microbiome profiles with the help of advanced DNA metagenomic sequencing.

The bioinformaticians and scientists at the company are focused on driving innovation to create new testing methods that are capable of capturing the highest resolution view to deliver accurate results.

This year in September, Microba CEO, Blake Wills spoke at the Google Cloud Summit in Sydney about how Google Cloud worked around with the startup to combine scientific expertise with the power of analytics and machine learning.

In a recent Cloudversation between Rick Harshman (Google Cloud’s APAC Managing Director) and Blake Wills (Microba CEO), the two spoke about how their partnership leveraged the power of AI and machine learning to develop life-changing therapeutics.

With this collaboration, Microba can now predict irritable bowel diseases in patients with 97% accuracy.