Microsoft has announced that it soon be porting the newly launched edge chromium based browser to the MacOS. The early release also means that the users will be getting a chance to see what exactly Microsft has been working on for Mac. It will be updated daily, so the users will be getting all the changes and improvements to deal with. Many of the users would have used the edge through its Windows OS. Microsoft has made an official release of the edge browser, if you are using macOS 10.12 or above you can try the browser today.

Many of the users who have used Microsft edge browser said that the functionality in a familiar space makes it an ideal browser. It’s also considered as the successor of Internet Explorer but the much better version that provides a completely different experience for the users. Edge supports a simple and clean design, packing all the required features one would expect from the web browser in 2019. It’s now being built with chromium that is much faster and more reliable than ever. Edge for macOS deliver the same experience that is also coming to Windows, but the optimization is especially for Mac. Microsoft said in a statement. We are tailoring the overall look and feel to match the macOS users expect from apps.

Some of the major optimizations include matching the macOS conventionally with the fonts, menus, keyboard shortcuts, and more. The users will also be able to use the edge platform that is completely compatible with the MacBook Pro’s Touch Bar. A user will be able to experience Touch Bar shortcuts for things like navigation, switching, and playback control when watching videos. The new changes provided are a bit unstable, but the users will see more improvements as the number of users grow.