The union between NetApp and Iguazio is focused on combining NetApp’s flash storage, AI, and cloud capabilities with Iguazio’s data science expertise with an aim to shorten the pipeline between data storage and data analytics. The plan also includes the optimization of AI and machine learning applications for more efficiency.

Details about the union

NetApp, a storage and cloud data services provider, and Iguazio, a company that deals with real-time data science platform development, recently announced the news of their union focused on bringing channel partners and business customers a joint offering intended to enhance and optimize the efficacy of apps powered by AI (artificial intelligence).

As per Asaf Somekh, CEO Iguazio, this combined offering is targeted at creating a high-speed pipeline between storage and analysis of data to strengthen governance around applications and enhance the performance of AI.

The union of these two entities combines the NetApp’s of ONTAP AI platform and Cloud Volumes potential for hybrid cloud capabilities along with Iguazio’s data science platform for comprehensive machine learning pipeline automation. The unified platform also integrates with DGX, thus allowing consumers to use GPU-as-a-service.

The CEO’s note

Asaf Somekh mentioned, “In the enterprise, there’s a lot of hype around AI, but a lot in inefficiencies.” He added, “You see data scientists building models and showing efficiencies in the lab getting the green light to launch products. But 85 percent of successful projects in the lab never see the light of day, according to Gartner. We have partnered with NetApp to change how AI is brought into the enterprise.”

NetApp has been working on an Nvidia-NetApp channel in the last year, but it is not being sold directly to enterprises, said Hoseb Dermanilian, Senior Manager of AI, NetApp.