Hallaron started utilizing enhanced digital platforms to deliver commercials among local counties, including precise targeting capabilities.

Hallaron, a full-service advertising and branding agency based in The Woodlands, Texas, has started leveraging digital ad platforms to reach out to smaller, local political advertisers. It will be beneficial by way of serving highly customized display and video adverts to local voters based on microtargeted geographic and behavioral criteria. The findings suggest more effective campaigns that can help achieve significant results with monthly ad budgets under USD 10,000.

Thanks to a collaborative partnership with Vici Media Inc., based in Philadelphia, PA, Hallaron started using enhanced digital platforms, including precise targeting tools, to serve ads among the local county and even city elections in the early 2022 primaries. Hallaron employs the same big-client ad techniques to build a strategy for smaller local low-budget campaigns, usually reserved for more significant business or political clients. Usually, the aim is to replace older marketing thinking with smarter targeting that serves the ads to local voters with the help of cell phones and social media instead of billboards or direct email.

“Our new political campaigns aim to serve voters with ads where they consume daily news and entertainment through their mobile phones and the Internet,” explained agency principal Mike Hallaron.

According to Statista, in 2022, mobile media usage in the United States will rise to four hours and 29 minutes a day. Compare this with typical drive time, radio listening, print reading, and television viewing.

Hallaron believes that because of the prolonged Covid-19 lockdowns, many Americans have prolonged their dependency on digital and mobile gadgets, using them for business, shopping, and to reach out to the world beyond their front door.

Direct mail is still prevalent in most small-town political elections, where access to new digital technologies is limited. Inexpensive yard signs are still popular, although their use is restricted. Voters can watch videos, read bios, and evaluate a candidate’s platform positions on local issues by clicking on digital and mobile ads links to landing pages.

“When you add a well-executed social strategy on Facebook, the frequency and reach for a small campaign can be game-changing,” Hallaron said.

Vici Media, Hallaron’s digital partner, works with approximately 200 ad agencies and media firms in the United States, offering three billion digital ad impressions every year. In 2020, the firm made it to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500 list. According to Hallaron, more and more clients are educating themselves about creative digital media strategies like geofencing, mobile conquesting, and social mirroring approaches.