Silicon-valley based leading credit union, Tech CU, which serves the California tech community, recently broke the news of partnering with Backbase, an engagement banking platform business. The idea behind this partnership is to revamp the banking experience for its members and deploy a brand-new digital transformation strategy.

The partnership confirms Tech CU’s commitment to improving its members’ digital banking journey and strengthening it to create a more user-friendly and improved online experience.

What does the partnership have in store?

The Backbase platform supports Tech CU to simplify end-to-end banking technology infrastructure, streamlines internal business line siloes, and slashes the number of vendors required to maintain its system. This eventually results in Tech CU aligning an improved and flawless member banking experience.

Additionally, the partnership enables Tech CU to support prompt software updates to reduce the time and expenditure associated with upgrades, all while making the most of Backbase’s focused technical proficiency to create, deploy and improve new solutions.

The experts take

Robert Reed, EVP, Chief Retail Banking Officer at Tech CU, comments: “Tech CU’s mission is to deliver an experience that wows, and empowers our members to succeed financially – a tall order when our members are among the savviest customers in the U.S., with significant technology enabling banking expectations. They expect and deserve a banking experience that matches their own appetite for innovation. Backbase’s service offerings are perfectly in line with our desire to meet these expectations, allowing us to be every bit as nimble and innovative with our offerings as the industry we serve.”

Vincent Bezemer, Senior Vice President of Americas at Backbase, adds: “The importance of instant innovation power in the banking sector cannot be overstated, and we’re thrilled to support Tech CU’s ambition to become the leader in member-first, digital-first banking. Speed and scale are critical competitive differentiators for financial institutions looking to truly own the customer journey, and we look forward to helping Tech CU bring its vision to life.”