Cisco will be including a cloud-based geolocation package for its mobile location services. The new geolocation processing will assist the customers to implement and integrate the data from various services in various enterprise applications and analytics.  The new package will consist of Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) also called as DNA spaces and will also feature enterprise geolocation that was recently acquired by the July Systems. The new Cisco CMX is a software engine that uses location and various data processing through intelligence obtained from the wireless infrastructure to generate the analytics data and deliver the required services for the customers on their mobile devices. 

July enterprise is a business leader in deep and accurate analytics, helping the enterprises to determine the exact location based on the time and person. The analytics and the real-time data processing assist the enterprises to achieve better results with given data. The added feature that attracted many of the enterprises was the flagship enterprise-grade location platform known as Proximity MX. The platform supports multiple location technologies such as Wi-Fi, GPS or Bluetooth to sense the user device with or without the app installed.  Proximity MX engages the users with different push notifications i.e. email or SMS, for business users using the API, SMS, or E-mail.   

Using the DNA spaces customers will be able to see not only the locations such as department stores, waiting rooms, cafeterias maintaining the usability of the area. It will provide the complete analysis that relates to the different requirements such as time duration of usage, purpose and after the usage locations. Applying the analytics to the data and platform many enterprises can restructure their resource availability and introduce better solutions for users.