• Hubzu, a popular real estate marketing and auction platform, offers world-class technology to do good to buyers and sellers.

On October 27, 2020, Hubzu introduced a world-class mobile app designed to offer residential real estate buyers easy access to the power and features of the Hubzu platform. With the launch of the brand new app, Hubzu now provides additional tools for buyers to research, find, and bid on homes in a competitive auction setup for almost all types of residential real estate inclusive of retail, short sales, and REO (real estate owned).

More about Hubzu

The Hubzu online platform is a comprehensive asset management and disposition solution designed for residential short sales, REO, foreclosure, CWCOT, deed in lieu, and retail property auctions.

The USP of the platform is it streamlines the sale and purchase processes for all the parties (buyers, sellers, and brokers) of foreclosure and other properties with clear bidding and simplified transaction support.

Reinforced with a dedicated focus on customer feedback, data, and analytics, Hubzu has been able to crack sales for more than 225,000 homes all over the country, with more than 4.5 million bids placed since 2009.

Available on iOS and Android operating systems, the brand-new app is simple, user-friendly, and engineered to support real estate investing via Hubzu in an even simpler fashion. Beginners and seasoned buyers can both expand their portfolios from their phones irrespective of the time and location.

With this app, it is extremely easy to discover unique properties, bid online, and stay up-to-date with real-time alerts. Property listings include vital details, photos, auction dates, bid prices, estimated rental rates, and more.

By the end of 2020, the Hubzu mobile app plans to integrate proxy bidding functionalities to further simplify it for buyers to purchase homes at foreclosure sales from any location around the world. It will also be updated with the capability to pair directly with the new Hubzu foreclosure app designed to offer fully integrated search, research, and bidding functionalities for live on-site foreclosure sales.

Michael Jansta, General Manager of Hubzu, stated, “Our app is a must-have for real estate investors,” He added. “It’s the ultimate mobile tool for helping buyers increase their portfolios by leveraging data and technology to discover, research and acquire properties. It’s reflective of our commitment to invest in technology and continuously improve the Hubzu marketplace.”