• Pure Storage, while introducing Purity 6.0 storage, is all set to expand capabilities of FlashArray.

Pure Storage, the all-flash storage array developer, introduced Purity 6.0 storage software for FlashArray, a brand-new flagship product in its software suite.

Engineered with a focus on modern enterprises, the new update enables agile data services to offer clients a groundbreaking option to store, secure, manage, mobilize, and access data along with strategic consumption models that are customized on requirement basis.

Additionally, the update gives FlashArray unified block and file capabilities with the capacity of continuous data replication necessary for active disaster recovery.

With Purity 6.0, Pure Storage adds to its product line new security, access, and mobility capabilities, said Prakash Darji, General Manager of the FlashArray Line for the Mountain View, Calif.-based vendor.

He adds, “Pure is expanding the capabilities of FlashArray to new file-based workloads and longer distances.”

More about Pure Storage and Purity 6.0

Pure Storage is an enterprise involved in developing all-flash data storage hardware and software, which supports board deployment of flash in data centers. The company develops technologies to enable Software as a Service (SaaS) enterprises, cloud service providers, and enterprises in the public sector to deliver reliable data to drive DevOps and advanced analytics environments.

Purity 6.0 is a product developed by Pure Storage that streamlines modern infrastructure by offering a unified-and-file solution that is engineered to solve infrastructure challenges like storage silos and sprawl.

Pure Storage users instantly are offered access to two new key capabilities viz., unified protocol support with NFS and SMB, along with active recovery built on Purity 6.0.

These features are available without any extra cost, additional licenses, and additional complexities.