• The AI system is designed to anticipate solutions to a problem to find the best plan of action.
  • Google data centers are responsible for enabling services such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Search, among others.

In different reports, tech giants, Microsoft and Meta, have revealed that they are working on unique ways to improve how Google protects and secures its data centers.

Microsoft, Meta reveal a collaborative partnership with Google

Recently, Microsoft announced it was already in the early testing phases of designing an Artificial Intelligence (AI) system. With this, the software company wants to analyze data from multiple sources to generate alerts regarding essential information about data center operations.

According to a Microsoft spokesperson, the goal is to “prevent or mitigate the impact of safety incidents” in Google’s data centers. Microsoft also stated that it’s working on systems to help identify and predict components that could affect data center construction schedules.

On similar lines, Meta announced that it is looking to find use cases for AI in worker safety and system reliability in data centers. According to the California-based company, Meta’s current goal is to use AI to predict how operations would be affected under “extreme environmental conditions” that could affect workers on the field.

Such initiatives from Meta involve the utilization of AI to achieve an in-depth understanding and run-through of the conditions that could affect the system’s reliability, such as power consumption, airflow, and cooling across Google’s data servers and centers.

Harnessing artificial technology to solve big tech problems

These advancements showcase the expansive capabilities that AI can assure if harnessed to its full potential. For example, in late 2021, Microsoft also revealed an abnormal detection technology powered by AI. It was used to monitor and enhance the impact of power and water utilization events in data centers through electrical and mechanical devices.

Moreover, AI technology was also considered an essential tool to quickly analyse data centre issues while picking out the ideal construction and operational locations for maximum power, network, and cooling efficiency.

Meta isn’t new to AI-powered safety and monitoring initiatives. Meta has also been using AI to carry out efficient air pumping and cooling systems for its data centers. The use of AI technology was backed by reinforcement learning as well. This meant that the AI system was designed to anticipate solutions to a problem and find the best action plan.

What are Google data centers?

Beyond mere cooperation among tech giants, these initiatives also appear to make perfect business sense. In a report published by a famous Institute, data centers are now experiencing a “disturbing frequency” in the volume of downtime incidents. The higher the frequency of such incidents happening in the future, they become “increasingly damaging and expensive for operators.”

Google data centers are spaces with “many computers that store and process large amounts of information.” According to Google, this technology lets users keep their products and services running 24/7 worldwide.

Google data centers are responsible for enabling services such as Gmail, Google Docs, and Google Search, among others. If Google’s data centers fail, all those functions will also freeze.