• With the launch of ARitize Maps, Nextech AR aims to bring the exciting metaverse to the market.
  • Through the ARitize Maps, Nextech AR is looking forward to expanding its ARitize Studio to present a seamless and frictionless experience for every metaverse user.
  • For now, iOS and Android users can download the app for free.

Nextech AR Solutions Corp., a Metaverse company and leading provider of Augmented Reality (AR) experience technologies and services, has introduced its beta metaverse app, ARitize Maps.

With the launch of the ARitize Maps app, the company brings to the market an all-in-one metaverse creation studio along with the first end-to-end metaverse mapping solution for consumers and brands alike. The new app enables the company to expand its ARitize Studio by offering a new frictionless and perfect solution for all to enter the metaverse.

The beta app will be available for free for iOS and Android OS. The app enables users to spatially map their location within minutes and populate it with interactive 3D objects, wayfinding, navigation, text, audio, images, and more.

The metaverse company will facilitate the creation of multiple pre-loaded 3D objects. It also allows creators to upload their own OBJ files and create 3D objects to populate their metaverse. The navigation feature lets users map out a 50 sq/meter area and includes wayfinding features that direct visitors in their metaverse to a desired location or object. The app allows users to publish and share their metaverse for others to experience while on site.

With no in-app purchase, users can now download the app for free. In its initial month, the app provides an unlimited number of maps. With an unlimited number of use cases, the app offers to augment physical spaces in the metaverse, including universities, retail, trade shows, shopping centers, transport, office buildings, public spaces, homes, and more.

A person can now create a special Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) showroom to showcase its collected NFT arts.

With endless applications like, attendees participating in the conference can find their way to the specific booth; instead of providing a physical book, hotels on Airbnb can provide detailed 3D audio and video instructions, retailers can offer exclusive sales to users that can be accessed through app only, and many other applications providing virtual facilities to all industries.

With the ARitize Maps app launch, Nextech’s 3D/AR technology solutions have entered a new market for personal and professional use. The app also provides a potential large additional revenue stream to the company.

Evan Gappelberg, CEO and Founder at NexTech AR Solutions, a Metaverse Company, commented, “We are experiencing a huge wave of new, global interest and demand for everything related to 3D/AR and the metaverse. 2022 is just the beginning for 3D demand and I believe this demand for everything 3D- and Metaverse-related will only continue to grow. We are at the forefront of a digital transformation, where artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and 3D/AR will become dominant, disruptive technologies across many industries. We are gratified to be a part of this global transformation and excited to launch what we believe is the first end-to-end metaverse mapping solution – which is really an all-in-one metaverse creation studio for consumers, brands, and businesses. The metaverse is our collective future, and with this launch Nextech AR is bringing the exciting metaverse to the market today with ARitize Maps!” ​​