Data analytics is an extensive term that non-experts would refuse to understand. Considering the complexity and spirals of data analytics, many business leaders are not aware of data analytics’ behind-the-scenes. Despite all that, it is one famous field that many young and ambitious professionals are opting for as the next move in career or high segment job profiles.

Regarding data analytics, one needs to be very specific about its functions and how it intends to interact with the organization. The nature and overview of data analytics are complex and distinctive. Many amateurs do not understand it, while some start with a relatively focused view of data science.

Data analysis should be studied at a low level first while defining its operation across various segments such as training, recruitment, and development.

Apart from the data science experts and amateurs, many new entrants in this field are still trying to figure out the vast “data analytics.” Here are eight things (basics) that everyone who belongs to the world of data analytics should understand.

It is not expensive

Just because many companies think it to be expensive, they prevent from leveraging it – especially small and medium-sized businesses. The fact is that the cost depends on the type of solution, but the data analytics solution is mostly cost-efficient.

Anyone can do it

It is a pure myth that only data analysts can get value from analytics. It is not true. With AI and automation intervention, anyone on the digital team can access detailed data, actionable insights while turning intelligence into impactful business actions.

Brings new information

Data analytics leads to the discovery of new and useful information. The information generated by data analytics aids decision-making. With the help of business intelligence (BI), it is possible to accurately visualize a large amount of data in just a few minutes.

BI is a technology that helps to organize and summarize the collected data. And how does BI function? It takes help from cloud tools and methods to provide useful data in time.

Data analytics requires right technology

Some business leaders believe that data analytics takes more time to leverage data in a meaningful way. It is not true. It just indicates that your technology attached to data analytics is slow or outdated. Business leaders should look for better data analytics tools and technologies integrated with raw data to drive data analytics. The right technology will help in gleaming data insights in less time.

Increases significance of data

Not all companies consider data as their driving force. But the reality is that data can help in transforming the business reputation and market position. The more the data, the better it is. Basically, it is a myth.

The data don’t have to be more in quantity but the best in its quality. If it is actionable and well-sourced for the business, nothing like it. But, if it is just a chunk of mixed data, it leads to nowhere.

Give customers what they want

Big data analytics helps organizations harness their data and use it to create new opportunities. It leads to smarter business moves, efficient operations, better profits, and creating happy customers. Basically, data science can extract valuable information about the customers’ behavior, likes, and dislikes that help deliver to them what they want. Companies are using data analytics to create products and services that customers need.

It creates more job profiles

Many people in the IT industry believe that artificial intelligence and data analytics somehow cut down human resources leading to job losses. In reality, it calls for data professionals and improves process efficiency.

Data analytics is a booming field that creates job opportunities for freshers as well as experienced data professionals. Those who belong to the field of business intelligence and analytics have a lot of career opportunities. Skilled people can acquire the position of a data analyst easily.

It is valuable for everyone

People live with a misconception – data analytics is valuable to only data analysts. There is a noticeable development that happened in the field of automation along with AI for enabling the process; wherein anyone can derive value from the information.

It is easy to extract meaningful data and transform it further into effective decision-making for the business.

Data analytics example – for better understanding

Let’s say you have launched a site that shows videos on makeup tutorials. As people start visiting your website, you will realize which videos different visitors watch and how they give those videos.

Through data analytics tools, you can gather information about the demographics of each user. Also, you can see which segment likes hairstyling videos and which human segment likes skin treatment videos. This data will further help you suggest videos to people based on the part they fit into best.


Overall, there are myths and illusions related to data analytics that people carry within. The truth is, it offers immense potential in transforming business by creating more job profiles, giving the best customer service, and being inexpensive.

However, there are challenges related to data analytics in collecting the data. Collecting data requires tools that can gather data from website visits and other interactions and deliver it in a useful format.

Therefore, data analytics is one of the essential business segments that can help companies run smoother, make effective business decisions, and generate profits from none to the most. It requires the right knowledge and top data analytics tools to transform raw data into actionable ones.

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