Spire Global, a space-based data and analytics provider, is ready to launch a new platform – Spire Bridge plus Spire Analytics. The new analytics product and platform are specifically designed for the maritime industry. The company states that these offerings will allow the clients to make their dashboards and generate alerts that suit their requirements.

The company said that customers would be able to access Spire Analytics via the Spire Bridge portal for tracking data usage, product updates for the activation and utilization of data. More functions attached to the platform are providing support and documentation.

Spire Maritime General Manager Simon van den Dries said: “After listening to our customers, the maritime team has developed a platform for users to better access the data and information they need when they need it. Spire puts its customers first, and Spire Bridge is a result of this philosophy.”

The new analytics capabilities are introduced to extend Application Programming Interface (API) data services. It will help in saving time for data engineers and developers.

The new platform, Spire Analytics, is set to convert maritime data into actionable insights, allowing consumers to see the data, graph it, and report it.

Customers with real-time data will be able to track the inclination and declination of the graph. Another feature attached to it is filtering a search by density map, ship type, voyage, and much more.

“Spire Maritime’s industry-specific dashboards are easy to use, customizable and deliver in-depth insights to help predict outcomes, test business strategies and automate decision making. These new features will allow Spire’s customers to use data in more actionable ways,” said Max Abouchar, Product Manager, Spire Maritime.