Pico Interactive, a global tech company developing innovative virtual reality (VR) and enterprise solutions, is the hardware-of-choice for REACT Neuro, a VR company using AI and digital exams to measure brain health.

Pico’s Neo 2 Eye headset, powered by Tobii Eye Tracking, helps REACT Neuro study brain health through its advanced eye-tracking capabilities.

“Pico enables businesses to make innovative impacts with cutting-edge immersive technology. REACT Neuro’s use of our Neo 2 Eye headset will help to transform the healthcare industry for the better by accurately measuring brain health in a non-subjective manner wirelessly,” said Will Winston, US Sales and Partnerships Director at Pico Interactive.

He added, “There are millions battling neurological injury and disease – whether it’s senior living community residents suffering from dementia and Alzheimer’s disease or athletes recovering from concussions. REACT Neuro is working to improve the way we treat brain injuries.”

From senior living to physical therapy, various fields have already tested this technology. In Gaithersburg, Maryland, a senior living community named Asbury Methodist Village has begun using REACT Neuro in January 2021.

“At Asbury Methodist Village, we’ve begun brain health testing on our residents with the goal of creating personalized treatment plans, from physical exercise to cognitive training and providing real-world feedback to REACT Neuro,” said Sue Paul, Director of Wellness at Asbury Communities.

She added, “We are setting up standing times for residents to come in for testing with a goal of 75 residents a month. We’re excited to use this technology to make our residents more informed, self-aware, and in control of their own brain health.”

Powered by Tobii Spotlight Technology, the Neo 2 Eye uses dynamic foveated rendering to improvise on the headset. It builds an optimal user experience in VR based on where a user is looking. REACT Neuro uses Tobii Ocumen, a premium solution for specialized applications, to create new creative features for their brain health platform based on the Neo 2 Eye.

“REACT Neuro provides a baseline assessment of brain health using biomarkers and neurological circuits. The assessment from our custom VR headsets – powered by Pico Interactive – is then put through our AI software to turn into useful insights,” said Jillian Paine, Chief Operating Officer at REACT Neuro. “We hope to change attitudes toward brain health to make it as accessible and normal as heart health.”